Do you want to create your podcast?

Do you want to create your podcast?

What inspired me to create a podcast? I love stories that help build connections and positive impact. Creating podcast episodes allows me to improve my storytelling techniques when sharing my perspective. It empowers others to know that they can design their life with purpose.

It is my way of paying it forward to those who have supported me throughout my journey. My family, friends, peers, and tribes of people around the world are my guides and sponsors. We are not alone.

Before Creating Your Podcast

  1. Who is your intended audience?
  2. Decide on a meaningful name and the purpose of your podcast.
  3. Learn about branding. (i.e., Blogging, Hosting Your Website, Podcast, Live Streaming, and Social Media Services)
  4. Ideate topics for the podcast and how often to publish.
  5. Be open to experimenting and iterating when creating podcast episodes.

Preparing to Create Your First Podcast Episode

  • Be prepared to invest in various tools that I provide later in this article. Do not underestimate the value of creating quality sound podcasts.
  • There will be many instances of recording and re-recording the first podcast and following new episodes.
  • Find a location, room, or area where you can focus on the episode topic, whether in a solo recording or with guest speakers.
  • Take care of your health and your voice. Do you like what you hear after recording your podcast?
  • Are you being genuine and kind to yourself? Are you having fun? Is creating a podcast meaningful to you?

Tools for Podcast Creation

  • Podcast Hosting Service — I use by Spotify. Podcasts can be published or shared with Apple, Amazon Music, Google, Overcast, Pocket Casts, and Spotify. NOTE: You may upload a video in Anchor broadcasted on Spotify. The audio recording publishes by the various podcast service providers.
  • Branding Tools — My favorite investment was buying a Canva software subscription. From logo creation, podcast episode covers, social media posts (banners, blogs, content design), and more.
  • Digital Tablet for Custom Design Artist 24 Pro is a much more affordable touchscreen with a digital pen display. I was able to get a bundled software called Art Rage 6 to create impressive digital art in various mediums (pencil, oil painting, stencils, and more).
  • Content Writing Tools — I recommend Grammarly to help with content writing and editing. There are many ways to reword and articulate your message through blogs, articles, websites, presentations, and more.
  • Video Live and Recording Tools — Many ask me what I use for creating the virtual background and layering when live streaming or recording my shows. I use OBS (Open Broadcast Software). This tool lets me layer mp4, gif, and image files to my video feed. I use it often for virtual background changing for my meeting tools like Zoom, Restream, and more. P.S. I will write and record another article, blog, and podcast for this portion.

Minimum Requirement Equipment for Audio Podcast and Video Live Streaming/Recording

  • Microphone — I recommend Elgato Wave 3. It is easy to use and records clear audio recordings. There is software included to add effects and monitor sound from input sources. Please do not use your computer’s built-in microphone.
  • Webcam — A very affordable webcam is Nexigo N660. I recommend this webcam for virtual meetings, recording, and live streaming video usage.
  • LightingG1s RGB Video Lighting is great lighting is essential for all live video and recorded virtual sessions. I recommend purchasing two so you can manage the shadow, shades, and lighting changes no matter where you are.
  • Green Screen Curtain Neewer 8.5 ft x 10ft has been a convenient green screen curtain. The stand’s flexibility to adjust the height or width is fantastic. It is low-cost and lightweight.
  • Headset — If you are not ready to invest in a headset, try your Bluetooth or Wire Connected Headset. Please do not use your built-in laptop microphone or mobile device microphone using speaker mode.
  • SpeakerAcoustic Audio by Goldwood Audio is my favorite external speaker. I can use Bluetooth connection with multiple devices by changing sources (mobile phone, desktop, and or laptop). NOTE: I don’t particularly appreciate using a headset and prefer having an external mic and speaker for input and output audio sources.

Additional Branding Considerations

  • Create Your LLC — I recommend Incfile for the ease of creating an LLC, getting a registrar, registering your company with the State, acquiring your EIN, establishing a virtual address, and forwarding mail to your designated location.
  • Create Your Website — For flexible web hosting, Wix has been very useful for my needs. I like using web design templates and creating more engagement using various tools like SEO, chats, mobile-friendly format/app, e-commerce tools, and more.
  • Create Livestream Content — If you are ready to expand your audience reach, I subscribe to Restream’s multi-channel live streaming service. If you are like many influencers, you were already considering LinkedIn Live, YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, and Instagram Live. I don’t personally use TikTok at this time. I recommend you limit what you can manage and support.
  • Creating Blogs and Articles — Choose where you feel comfortable sharing, knowing you will continue to improve and gain many lessons through experimentation. You may use Medium, LinkedIn, WordPress, or have your website like what I have here.

Final Thoughts:

  • You do not need to purchase or subscribe to everything at once. Try different tools in different phases.
  • Allow yourself to share episodes when you want to. What can you handle, and is it sustainable for you?
  • In the end, you must consider, “What is in it for you?”

Feel free to connect or follow me on LinkedIn, Medium, and my website I hope that many of the tools and tips I give you in this article inspire you to either create your podcast, be a podcast speaker, or support/follow podcast creators.



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Maybelyn H. Plecic

Maybelyn H. Plecic


I am a mother of four amazing boys. My husband supports with all the positive initiatives we do together. I’m a curious adventurer who seek positive people.