Being Brave in Year 2021

I have been asking myself this question: “How do you display bravery?”

I will only list what I genuinely believe means bravery below:

  • You choose love over hate.
  • You empathize, pay it forward, and continue to be an example of hope and inspiration for others.
  • You decide to take risks and tell the truth about the wrong things.
  • You speak and take action when nobody else wants to do what is fair and just.
  • You bravely fight the urge to watch others suffer.
  • You uplift others by building positive relationships with them.
  • You are not petty or bitter about other’s successes.
  • You don’t let ego take away your humility.
  • You do what no other person chooses to do for the benefit of other people.
  • You let go when necessary and understand that there is no perfect way of doing anything.
  • You know that nothing is permanent.
  • You stand up when you fall and learn from your mistakes many times over.
  • You never give up on believing that there is a better way to do things and solve problems (personal, professional, and world problems and all).
  • You genuinely believe in equity for all living beings, even when the decisions to be made seem impossible to own.
  • You take ownership seriously and understand that your influence and power to influence matters to the world.
  • You believe that every act of kindness does matter and creates a lasting positive impact.
  • You do not underestimate the suffering people experience because that makes us human and stronger.
  • You know everyone has a purpose in life. It just takes time and many paths to get there.
  • You are there when it matters the most, especially for your loved ones and friends. You value and prioritize what is essential.

I hope that when you celebrate July 4th, you embody the positive values of what this nation worked hard to achieve. Having the freedom, the choices, and the privilege to keep everyone’s future alive is everyone’s responsibility. Stay safe, take care, and may you continue to find your happiness and purpose each day.

Best Regards,

Maybelyn Plecic, “Vitamae”



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Maybelyn H. Plecic

Maybelyn H. Plecic


I am a mother of four amazing boys. My husband supports with all the positive initiatives we do together. I’m a curious adventurer who seek positive people.